Free Pet Prescription Coupon Card


Enter your pet's name to personalize your free prescription savings coupon card! This card will provide savings on your pet's prescription medications.

Pet Drug Card is a free program that will help reduce the cost of your pet's prescription medication. There are no applications or fees required to become a member. Simply print your free Pet Drug Card and Coupons and receive prescription savings up to 75% at more than 68,000 participating pharmacies.

Free Discount Pet Prescription Drug Card

Participating Pharmacies

Participating Pharmacies

Save up to 75% off the retail price of your pet's medication with this discount pet prescription drug coupon/card.

Accepted at over 68,000 major and private-owned pharmacies.

Our program provides discounts on most brand and generic prescription medication for pets.

Example Pet Medication Pricing Comparison

Below are some examples of actual pet prescription savings using the Discount Drug Card and Coupons. Ask your pharmacist for your discount price.
Medication Quantity Retail Price Your Price Savings
Humulin N 100ml (insulin) 3 $63.21 $40.12 37%
Lantus 100ml (insulin glargine) 10 $342.94 $255.41 26%
Phenobarbital 60mg (Luminal®, Barbita®) 90 $45.99 $13.91 70%
Doxycycline 25mg (Vibramycin®) 30 $80.99 $29.72 63%
Fluoxetine 10mg (Reconcile®, Prozac®) 30 $89.64 $10.56 88%
Cyclosporine 25mg (Atopica®, Neoral®) 30 $86.99 $79.53 9%
Tramadol 50mg (Ultram®) 30 $37.29 $8.57 77%
Hydrocodone Bitartrate 300ml (Hycodan®, Tussigon®) 1 $52.59 $35.17 33%
Enalapril 10mg (Vasotec®) 30 $67.63 $8.60 87%
Ketoconazole 200ml (Nizoral®) 10 $43.89 $20.71 53%

NOTE: Example savings are based on actual claims for the prescriptions shown. Prices vary by pharmacy and prescription and are subject to change over time. Ask your pharmacist for the actual discounted price.